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What is a Bench Warrant ?


A bench warrant is an order requiring that you be taken into custody for failing to appear in court. Bench warrants are issued with bond amounts, meaning that if arrested on an outstanding bench warrant, you may post a bond to be released from jail.

Other types of warrants, such as Alias-Capias Warrants (felony warrants) and VOP – Violation of Probation Warrants usually carry no-bonds.
Bench Warrants are usually issued in Misdemeanor cases if you fail to appear for any hearing where your presence is required.

If your crime is a criminal traffic offense with accompanying traffic citations, your driver’s license may also be suspended as well.bench warrants

If you miss your court date, don’t panic. It happens all the time. The best thing you can do is be active about getting the warrant resolved. Rule number one that every person with an active bench warrant must remember is that bench warrants don’t go away with the passage of time. A bench warrant will remain open forever unless dealt with.

Many people come to South Florida and get arrested while on vacation. Once they bond out or are issued their written promise to appear (PTA), they return home. If they hire a criminal defense attorney, they do not need to go to court. You can waive your presence and empower your attorney to represent you in your absence (representation in absentia).

If you are in the State of Florida with an active bench warrant, you risk being arrested every moment of every day of your life. A quick trip to the grocery store can land you in jail if you get pulled over for a traffic infraction. Once a cop knows that there is an active warrant, they pretty much have to take you into custody.

The good news is that bench warrants can be resolved. If you missed a court date, our Agents can help you do a Lobby Surrender and Walk you through the System with out having to go through the booking process and spending hours in jail processing.

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